Deciphering the structure-function relationship of RNA: a complete guide

structure, function and dynamics interplay of RNA molecules

The interplay between dynamics, structure, and function of many RNA molecules is tied to essential biological processes, such as the regulation of gene expression and protein synthesis. However, modern imaging and biochemical methods often fail in explaining these relations.

This application note is a complete guide on how to resolve the structure-function relationship of RNA molecules and their interactions with the molecular machinery and other proteins inside the cell, using high-resolution optical tweezers. It presents the whole experimental process, spanning from assay design to data interpretation.

We have also included multiple tips and inside knowledge on how to perform single-molecule experiments and analyze the obtained data, making this guide worth a look for all scientists interested in single-molecule research.

Download the application note here.

Jerom Langeveld

Jerom Langeveld

10 October 2018August 26th, 2019

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