C-Trap™ and AFS™ systems mentioned in two review articles

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We are proud to announce that two review articles refer to LUMICKS; one highlighting the C-Trap™ Optical Tweezers-Fluorescence Microscopy system and the other one specifying the AFS™ Acoustic Force Spectroscopy system. 

Norregaard et al. (2017) reviews relevant theoretical tools to analyze data obtained from single-molecule experiments performed in intracellular environments and describes state-of-the art visualization techniques used in single-molecule research. The article states that biomolecular interactions are regulated by force, which drive many cellular processes. The C-Trap™ is recognized as a commercial system that implements high quality and user-friendly optical tweezers in a confocal microscope to reveal the dynamics of biomolecular interactions.

Single-molecule approaches have shown that for many cellular processes various behaviors will be observed. Hill et al. (2017) emphasizes the need for an adequate number of observations to fully characterize this diversity. Acoustic Force Spectroscopy is mentioned as an integrated system for high-throughput single-molecule experiments and data analysis to reveal heterogeneity within cellular processes and gather insights about multiple biomolecules in parallel.

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Jerom Langeveld

Jerom Langeveld

6 July 2017September 18th, 2017

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