The Scientist Magazine features z-Movi™

We couldn’t have put the essence of our z-Movi™ in better words than the author of this article in The Scientist:

“Just as music pulls some folks to the dance floor while others remain stuck to their chairs, sound can now be used to pull some cells loose from their substrate while other cells stay put.”

z-Movi is a cell manipulation platform that applies acoustic forces on multiple cells to directly probe their interaction with specific substrates. Based on the Single-Cell Acoustic Force Spectroscopy technology, it is the first system that can measure the avidity between single cells and their targets and sort cells of interest with high throughput.

In the article, Prof. Wuite mentions the inspiration for this new technique: a film showing microorganisms manipulated by sound waves. The movie made him wonder if acoustic forces could be used to investigate molecular and cellular interactions and soon after Acoustic Force Spectroscopy was invented ultimately resulting in the z-Movi.

Can’t wait to discover the power of sound yourself? Do not hesitate to contact us for a demo or a quote!

Doenja Jansen

Doenja Jansen

25 January 2019January 28th, 2019

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