C-Trap™ installed at Semmelweis UniversityUncategorised

C-Trap™ installed at Semmelweis University

LUMICKS is proud to announce the installation of a new C-Trap™ optical tweezers-fluorescence microscopy system in the lab of Professor Miklos Kellermayer at the Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary. A major focus of Prof. Kellermayer's lab is in uncovering the molecular mechanics of the muscle protein titin. This is a protein that defines the…
Jerom Langeveld
24 May 2018

C-Trap™ installed in Bustamante Lab at UC Berkeley

LUMICKS recently installed a new C-Trap™ SR optical tweezers-STED nanoscopy system in the laboratory of Professor Carlos Bustamante at the University of California, Berkeley. The Bustamante Lab specializes in the development and application of novel single-molecule manipulation and detection methods. These methods are used to investigate the activity of individual molecular machines. Throughout his work, Prof. Bustamante has shown that many central processes in the cell involved the generation and regulation…
Jerom Langeveld
18 April 2018
C-Trap™ installed at Ludwig Maximilian UniversityUncategorised

C-Trap™ installed at Ludwig Maximilian University

LUMICKS recently installed a new C-Trap™ system in the lab of Dr. Johannes Stigler at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany. Dr. Stigler and his group will use the C-Trap™ to study the structure and organization of chromosomes. Their goal is to determine the processes leading to the three-dimensional folding of chromosomes, which have…
Jerom Langeveld
5 March 2018
AFS™ installed at Georgetown UniversityUncategorised

AFS™ installed at Georgetown University

Last week, LUMICKS successfully installed an AFS™ Stand-Alone system in the lab of Assistant Professor Rodrigo Maillard at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. They are experts in optical tweezers, which the group uses to probe and monitor the response of proteins upon force application in real-time. By looking at the conformation, dynamic motion, and stability,…
Jerom Langeveld
26 February 2018

m-Trap™ installed at ShanghaiTech University

LUMICKS is thrilled to announce the first m-Trap™ installation at ShanghaiTech University in Shanghai, just a month after the launch of our landmark high-resolution optical tweezers system. Assistant Professor Bo Sun acquired the m-Trap™ within a year after a C-Trap™ was installed in his lab. Dr. Sun believes that conventional ensemble techniques are often not sufficient…
Jerom Langeveld
8 January 2018
Acoustic Force Spectroscopy Protein Unfolding Application Note high throughputUncategorised

AFS™ installed at University of Münster

LUMICKS is very proud to announce the latest AFS™ Stand-Alone installation at the University of Münster in the lab of Professor Timo Betz. The group has an outstanding expertise in investigating the dynamics and mechanical properties of different cell types with various biophysical approaches. Their goal is to understand the underlying principles and how these are…
Jerom Langeveld
22 December 2017
C-Trap™ installed at Imperial College LondonUncategorised

C-Trap™ installed at Imperial College London

Recently, LUMICKS successfully installed a new C-Trap™ optical tweezers-fluorescence microscopy system in the lab of Professor David Rueda at the Imperial College London, England, whose lab also features an AFS™ system for high throughput measurements. The group of Prof. Rueda develops and uses quantitative single-molecule approaches to investigate mechanisms underlying complex biological processes. These…
Jerom Langeveld
18 December 2017
AFS™ installed at Johns Hopkins UniversityUncategorised

AFS™ installed at Johns Hopkins University

LUMICKS is happy to announce the installation of an AFS™ Stand-alone system at Johns Hopkins University. JHU is now the home of both a C-Trap™ and AFS! The labs of Professor Taekjip Ha and Assistant Professor Christian Kaiser will share the instrument. Prof. Ha's group studies complex biological mechanisms, by pushing the limits of single-molecule detection methods. They…
Jerom Langeveld
1 December 2017
C-Trap installation University of ZurichUncategorised

C-Trap™ installed at University of Zürich

Recently, LUMICKS successfully installed a new C-Trap™ Optical Tweezers system, with a quadruple trap configuration, in the lab of Professor Ben Schuler at the University of Zürich, Switzerland. The group of Prof. Schuler uses single-molecule spectroscopy with the aim to understand protein folding, disorder and dynamics. The C-Trap™ will be the group's first experience…
Jerom Langeveld
3 November 2017
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