Acoustic Force Spectroscopy Protein Unfolding Application Note high throughputUncategorised

AFS Protein Unfolding Application Note Now Online

Single-molecule force spectroscopy (SMFS) technologies have become prominent as powerful tools for the investigation of the biomechanics associated with protein structure and for the study of protein unfolding pathways. However, current SMFS tools lack the ability to study multiple protein (un)folding events simultaneously, making the investigation of protein folding an…
Jerom Langeveld
10 May 2017
Multicolor detection of DNA overstretchingUncategorised

Multicolor Detection Application Note Now Online

Single-molecule force spectroscopy (SMFS) tools are widely used to study structural transitions of DNA during overstretching. However, as many of these tools only provide global information, the exact mechanisms that occur during these transitions remain unclear. Combining SMFS with visualization of local information could resolve this problem. Our Multicolor Detection application…
Jerom Langeveld
30 March 2017

DNA Repair Visualization Application Note Now Online

DNA repair, the collection of highly-regulated mechanisms by which a cell identifies and repairs DNA damage, remains one of the most essential processes of human life. Without DNA repair mechanisms cells lose the ability to transcribe important regions of their genome, resulting in harmful mutations, which could eventually jeopardize cellular…
Jerom Langeveld
14 March 2017

Protein Unfolding Application Note Now Online

The biological function of many macromolecules such as proteins and RNA are tightly coupled to their conformation and their conformational dynamic. The correct folding of a protein into its native state is essential for its biological function. Misfolded or unfolded proteins are known to be either (partially) inactive or to…
Jerom Langeveld
7 February 2017

STED Application Note Now Online

Today’s quantitative analysis of DNA-protein interactions at the single-molecule level requires the capability of measuring under biologically relevant conditions with high temporal resolution. This problem can especially be observed when in vitro experiments are linked with the in vivo situation in which proteins interact highly dynamic with DNA at high…
Jerom Langeveld
1 November 2016
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