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C-Trap™ and AFS™ systems mentioned in two review articles

We are proud to announce that two review articles refer to LUMICKS; one highlighting the C-Trap™ Optical Tweezers-Fluorescence Microscopy system and the other one specifying the AFS™ Acoustic Force Spectroscopy system.  Norregaard et al. (2017) reviews relevant theoretical tools to analyze data obtained from single-molecule experiments performed in intracellular environments and describes state-of-the art visualization techniques…
Jerom Langeveld
6 July 2017
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AFS™ Installed at Pasteur Institute in Paris

The first  AFS™ system in France has been successfully installed at the lab of Dr. Thierry Rose at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. Dr. Rose and his team use AFS to manipulate human lymphocytes in living conditions to gain insights in the early steps of cytokine-induced signaling and how this…
Jerom Langeveld
16 June 2017
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AFS Protein Unfolding Application Note Now Online

Single-molecule force spectroscopy (SMFS) technologies have become prominent as powerful tools for the investigation of the biomechanics associated with protein structure and for the study of protein unfolding pathways. However, current SMFS tools lack the ability to study multiple protein (un)folding events simultaneously, making the investigation of protein folding an…
Jerom Langeveld
10 May 2017
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Imperial College London Acquires AFS™ System

At Imperial College London, LUMICKS has installed an AFS™ system! This is the first AFS™ in London, where it will be used in the lab of Prof. David Rueda. It will aid in imaging the interaction and dynamics of various nucleic acid enzymes (such as polymerases, the activation induced cytidine deaminase,…
Jerom Langeveld
24 April 2017
AFS installed at LMT MunichUncategorised

New AFS™ installation at LMU

A new AFS™ Stand-alone was recently installed at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in the Faculty of Physics. The Lab of Professor Jan Lipfert of the Chair for Biophysics and Molecular Materials will use the AFS™ to study the mechanosensitive response of multiple proteins in parallel. We wish Prof. Lipfert and his team success with the new…
Jerom Langeveld
19 April 2017
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New Brochures of C-Trap™ and AFS™ Now Available

Our new information brochures are now available, featuring our latest product and application developments for 2017! To learn more about LUMICKS' solutions for life science and how they are enabling scientists to make breakthrough discoveries you can contact us here or meet us at one of the upcoming conferences and events we…
Jerom Langeveld
12 April 2017

LUMICKS’ AFS™ Installed at NUS

LUMICKS is happy to announce that an AFS™ system was installed at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in the lab of Professor Yan Jie. Professor Yan Jie and his group will use AFS™ along with their magnetic tweezers to research protein unfolding and DNA-protein interactions. We wish Professor Yan…
Jerom Langeveld
16 March 2017
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