Single-Molecule Workshop at LUMICKS Amsterdam

During June 4-5, a captivating single-molecule workshop was given at the headquarters of LUMICKS in Amsterdam. Throughout the workshop, the participants were introduced to our second-generation (G2 line) apparatus and got the chance to perform multiple investigations on them. We started off with the C-trap™, our optical tweezers-fluorescence microscope, and…
Jerom Langeveld
13 June 2018
AFS™ installed at Georgetown UniversityUncategorised

AFS™ installed at Georgetown University

Last week, LUMICKS successfully installed an AFS™ Stand-Alone system in the lab of Assistant Professor Rodrigo Maillard at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. They are experts in optical tweezers, which the group uses to probe and monitor the response of proteins upon force application in real-time. By looking at the conformation, dynamic motion, and stability,…
Jerom Langeveld
26 February 2018
C-Trap AFS G2 Brochure coverUncategorised

Introducing New Generation of Dynamic Single-Molecule Analysis Instruments

At the BPS18 meeting, LUMICKS will introduce its latest product generation of the C-Trap™ optical tweezers-fluorescence microscopy and AFS™ parallel single-molecule force spectroscopy instruments. The new G2 generation represents an evolution of our original instruments, bringing new enabling features, improved performance, and automation. These new developments allow dynamic biomolecular processes to be studied in…
Jerom Langeveld
16 February 2018
Acoustic Force Spectroscopy Protein Unfolding Application Note high throughputUncategorised

AFS™ installed at University of Münster

LUMICKS is very proud to announce the latest AFS™ Stand-Alone installation at the University of Münster in the lab of Professor Timo Betz. The group has an outstanding expertise in investigating the dynamics and mechanical properties of different cell types with various biophysical approaches. Their goal is to understand the underlying principles and how these are…
Jerom Langeveld
22 December 2017
AFS™ installed at Johns Hopkins UniversityUncategorised

AFS™ installed at Johns Hopkins University

LUMICKS is happy to announce the installation of an AFS™ Stand-alone system at Johns Hopkins University. JHU is now the home of both a C-Trap™ and AFS! The labs of Professor Taekjip Ha and Assistant Professor Christian Kaiser will share the instrument. Prof. Ha's group studies complex biological mechanisms, by pushing the limits of single-molecule detection methods. They…
Jerom Langeveld
1 December 2017

Single-Molecule Workshops at LUMICKS’ headquarters

On October 23-25, LUMICKS organized two fruitful workshops on Optical Tweezers-Fluorescence Microscopy & Acoustic Force Spectroscopy at our headquarters in Amsterdam. The practical hands-on workshops included demonstrations on the latest developments and applications of the C-Trap™ and  AFS™, given by our application scientists. In addition, the participants performed state-of-the-art single-molecule experiments and…
Jerom Langeveld
31 October 2017

Investigation of the Integration of AFS™ with Digital Holography Imaging

The research article "Digital holography as 3D tracking tool for assessing acoustophoretic particle manipulation" has recently been published in Optics Express Journal. Congratulations to all the authors! By making use of the AFS™ chip, Cacace et al. (2017) investigated the integration of digital holography (DH) imaging in AFS™ devices to enable label-free 3D tracking of multiple…
Jerom Langeveld
24 July 2017
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