Step into the unresolved with the Surface Assay Toolkit

C-Trap m-Trap 2019 Brochure Covers

During BPS19, we introduced the Surface Assay Toolkit! A unique assortment of new features that enable scientists to investigate the cytoskeleton from a whole new dynamic perspective. The Surface Assay Toolkit brings together the C-Trap™ and m-Trap™ optical tweezers with:

 Label-free surface imaging using IRM;

 Rapid fluorescent imaging in solution using Widefield;

 Fluorescence surface imaging using TIRF;

 High throughput experimental workflow at the surface.

Download the 2019 brochures to explore our brand new Surface Assay Toolkit, applications, product features, and more!

Doenja Jansen

Doenja Jansen

7 March 2019

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