Dynamic Single-Molecule Workshops at UC Berkeley and University at Buffalo

In the last couples of weeks, two dynamic single-molecule workshops took place at both sides of the United States – one at the University of California, Berkeley, CA, and another at the University at Buffalo, NY. Both workshops included in-depth lectures and demonstrations showing the latest developments and applications of the C-Trap™, our optical tweezers – fluorescence & label-free microscopy system

With the help of our Application Scientists, the participants got to test their own samples and do experiments on protein folding, protein droplets, actin-binding proteins, as well as DNA-binding proteins involved in DNA repair. The latter was fluorescently labeled using quantum dots, which was a first for us!

We would like to thank the labs of Prof. Dr. Carlos Bustamante and Dr. Priya Banerjee for their help and contributions, and of course all the participants for joining us!

Interested in visualizing your favorite biomolecule? Keep an eye on our registration page for upcoming workshops, find us at one of the conferences we’ll be attending, or contact us directly!
Doenja Jansen

Doenja Jansen

29 May 2019

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