Single-Molecule Workshop at the Bustamante Lab (UC Berkeley)

The series of our successful single-molecule workshops continued on October 30 – November 1 at the Bustamante Lab (University of California, Berkeley).

Both days started off with interesting seminars given by researchers from three top single-molecule labs. Dr. Shannon Yan (Bustamante Lab) presented her work studying co-transcriptional folding dynamics of a highly conserved and essential RNA. Derek Huang from the Dunn Lab (Stanford) and Dr. Sinan Can from the Yildiz Lab (UC Berkeley) showed both their work related to cytoskeleton binding proteins which provide directionality to different biological processes. To conclude, LUMICKS presented the latest developments and applications of the C-Trap™ G2 and AFS™ G2.

After all the talking, the participants had to roll up their sleeves as the hands-on C-Trap™ sessions began, including performing state-of-the-art single-molecule experiments on DNA mechanics and DNA-protein interactions. After a few tips and tricks from our application scientists, they captured single DNA strands themselves and visualized the process of structural transitions in real-time.

Many thanks to Prof. Bustamante for hosting the workshop, to Dr. Shannon Yan, Derek Huang & Dr. Sinan Can for presenting their work, and to the participants for their efforts and the great Halloween pub crawl!

Does catching some single DNA strands yourself sound exciting to you? Visit our events page for the conferences we’ll be attending, or contact us any questions.

Jerom Langeveld

Jerom Langeveld

16 November 2018

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