Cell Avidity Analyzer
Predictive, Reproducible, Fast


Benchtop Cell Avidity Analyzer
Predictive, Reproducible, Fast

Measure cell-target binding strengths with the z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer to accelerate the development of immunotherapeutic strategies.

The z-Movi® is a unique instrument that measures the avidity between immune cells and their targets, enabling you to identify the most potent immunotherapeutic effector cells. This new technology provides you with predictive, reproducible, and fast high-throughput results at a single-cell resolution without compromising cell viability. All within a compact little box that easily fits inside the flow hood for sterile and safe sample handling.

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The z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer offers you a fast and simple solution for validating and optimizing your immunotherapeutic cells in a highly predictive and reproducible manner.

Cell avidity measurements enable you to compare several types of immunotherapeutic strategies, including CAR T cells, TCR T cells, bispecific antibody-engaged T cells, and NK cells.  Browse our extended list of applications to discover how this technology can benefit your research.

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Explore the features

Explore how this benchtop instrument delivers predictive, reproducible, and fast data for your experiments.

Direct measurement of binding avidity

The z-Movi® introduces the robustness of a biophysical-based method to immuno-oncology to uncover the essential properties of effector cells.

z-movi features

Single-cell resolution

Measures the binding strength between every effector cell and its target to ensure that not a single piece of information is lost. Because each cell matters.

z-movi features

Safe to cells

Offers non-invasive acoustics to measure avidity, leaving your cells healthy and viable.

z-movi features


Small enough to fit inside a flow hood, providing sterile cell handling and protective conditions when working with dangerous reagents.

z-movi features

High throughput

Analyzes avidities of up to 400 cells in a single run and generates instant statistically relevant data. The fast workflow enables you to measure multiple experimental conditions per day.

z-movi features
z-movi features

Fluorescence cell imaging

Distinguishes and follows individual fluorescent effector cells with unparalleled accuracy as they detach from their target cells and gather at the acoustic node.

z-movi features
z-movi features
z-Movi® High-throughput Label-free Cell Interaction Studies

Rapid experiments with the optimized workflow

Rapid experiments through an optimized workflow

We have optimized the workflow of the z-Movi® to facilitate the user experience and provide you with reliable and reproducible results in a matter of minutes. The z-Movi Chip is specialized to simplify cell culturing and maintain your samples in physiological conditions while you perform experiments. Once you have performed one run of analyses, you can simply flush in a new batch of effector cells. Running multiple chips sequentially allows you to measure several experimental conditions per day.

“Acoustic force measurements allow for the first time to make an exact determination of the force that is necessary to separate two cell partners, which would in the end allow […] to introduce a new parameter in the characterization of T cells.”

Prof. Matthias Leisegang, group leader at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Dive in and discover our software, Oceon

The only software that analyzes the avidity of hundreds of cells in parallel and real time

In collaboration with end users, we have developed a fast and intuitive workflow that takes you from defining your parameters to viewing your data in no time. The powerful tracking algorithms for cell detection and measurements are performed in the background while the software generates your data live on your screen.

Powerful detection algorithms

Real-time avidity data analysis

Figure-ready data plotting

Royalty-free license

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