Parallel Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy


Parallel Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy

Discover the power of sound

The essence of the AFS® technology lies in a glass microfluidic chip with a piezo element that generates resonant acoustic waves (ultrasound). These resonant acoustic waves are used to exert forces on micrometer-sized particles with a different density than the surrounding medium — e.g. a polystyrene microsphere.

The AFS® G2 brings novel features and improved performance, such as the new automated XY stage, the drift correction option, integrated temperature control, and an individual electronic fingerprint per chip. These developments increase the data quality and improve the ease-of-use for highly-multiplexed force spectroscopy measurements.

Acoustic Force Spectroscopy
Sitters et al. (2015)
Nature Methods

AFS G2: Statistical measurements, straight out of the box

The AFS allows you to perform force spectroscopy measurements straight out of the box. Start your force spectroscopy experiments right away, without the need for additional imaging tools. With a compact inverted microscope, five AFS flow cells, an intuitive image analysis software and a powerful workstation, the AFS is the perfect solution for performing multiplexed single-molecule experiments.


Acoustic Forces

• Maximum applicable force of >200 pN (Ø4.5 μm silica spheres)
• Minium force incremental step of 2 fN
• Loading rates ranging from 10-4 pN/s to 103 pN/s

Workstation & Software

Powerful workstation including LabView-based open-source software capable of:
• Real-time parallel 2D tracking of 400 microspheres at 25 Hz
• Real-time parallel 3D tracking of 125 microspheres at 25 Hz
• Real-time position accuracy of 2 nm (XY) and 4 nm (Z) at 25 Hz

G2 Features

• Motorized stage for precise and fast sample movement in XY
• Exchangeable 40x, 20x and 10x magnifications included
• Five flow cells featuring smart functionalities for improved throughput

Highlighted Features

The AFS instrument is a versatile tool which can be used to answer a broad spectrum of research questions. Here we highlight two enabling features and their applications.

40x Magnification

This 40x magnification is perfect for use with small particles or if a high tracking accuracy is required.

20x Magnification

This 20x magnification provides a nice balance between parallelism and tracking precision.

10x Magnification

This 10x magnification is ideal for highly parallel measurements where precision is not crucial.

Bead size = 4.5 μm. All three objectives are included in a standard purchase.

Integrated Temperature Control

Studying biomolecules often requires precise control over the environment, including thermal circumstances. AFS flow cells come with heating ability included, allowing you to perform experiments under physiological conditions and investigate temperature-dependent events. The new integrated temperature control feature allows users to manipulate biomolecules under biologically-relevant conditions and investigate temperature-dependent events in single molecule experiments. The flow cell applies heat over the full surface with an absolute accuracy of 0.2°C up to 40°C and a closed loop stability of 0.1°C.

AFS Integrated Temperature Control

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